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The only thing I don’t recall is who the hell is that young guy in the photo using my name?Reply from Larry Liere (’55): Devils Lake, ND Gary Did you ever get 100% on the red names or ?? If you did get 100% I missed the posting somehow so could you please send another copy if you made one.During this declaration of attachment to Jesus Christ the person to be baptized turned towards the East as towards the region of light.The practice of renewing the baptismal promises is more or less widespread.Gary Evon, Checking my notes from when I talked to Melvin Pederson, your are absolutely correct.I’ll bet your mother, Leola Hiatt Lagerquist, remembers the Pederson family pretty well.

This was called by the Greeks syntassesthai Christo , the giving of oneself over to the control of Christ. Justin Martyr testifies that baptism was only administered by those who, together with their profession of faith, made a promise or vow that they would live in conformity with the Christian code.

We have two used Acer laptops that we purchased when were back in the states that we have set up for the local kids to use.

When we turned these three kids loose on these laptops, they had them fired up and into the internet in a heartbeat including the little 3 year old girl.

It is obvious that these promises have not the theological import of vows properly so called. " To each of these interrogation the person, or the sponsor in his name, replies: "I do renounce".

According to the Roman Ritual, at present in use, three questions are to be addressed to the person to be baptized, as follows: "Dost thou renounce Satan ? The practice of demanding and making this formal renunciation seems to go back to the very beginnings of organized Christian worship. Basil among the Greeks are at one in reckoning it as a usage which, although not explicitly warranted in the Scriptures, is nevertheless consecrated by a venerable tradition. Basil says this tradition ascends from the Apostles.

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