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And she was one of the most magnificent people that has ever walked this earth and we don't have her anymore," Townley said.Prominent Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred is representing Judge Chuck Weller who made this brief statement: "I am proud to be a judge and I'm proud to be a part of a legal system that gives every accused the right to a fair trial.Darren Mack's mother, Joan, and his brother, Landon, left the courthouse without making any public comments.Mack's attorney, David Chesnoff, says Mack's was ready to take responsibility for what he had done."Well we had two objectives -- one was to convict Darken Mack of first degree murder which we did.

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"There are some very important things to say, and I've remained quiet through this whole thing," Mack said.

Last, we will discuss the effect of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) on the district court order being appealed, namely, whether the order is a QRDO under ERISA and whether ERISA preempts application of Nevada's slayer statute. Mack will use his best effort to ensure that the business and his mother will not sue Charla Mack.

We conclude that: (1) we may take judicial notice of appellant Darren Mack (Darren) being adjudged his wife Charla Mack's (Charla) killer, (2) the nunc pro tunc order was proper to memorialize Judge Weller's oral orders, (3) the district court properly issued the QDRO during Charla's lifetime, and (4) Nevada's slayer statute is not preempted by ERISA. FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORYThis is an appeal of a district court's nunc pro tunc order memorializing an oral order entered by the former presiding judge, Judge Weller, in the divorce of Charla and Darren. Mack, have you heard the entire agreement spoken on the record? They were the only parties here, and I read that language to talk about the agreement between the only parties who were here.

Mack also faces two to 20 years on the attempted murder charge.

Under Nevada law, his sentence automatically will be doubled because a deadly weapon was involved.

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