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One's identity is not entirely intrinsic, nor is it purely acquired.

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If you’re a JJCC fan, you’ve probably heard the news about the boys coming to Texas for their first USA events, and you’re probably looking for all of the details.

Multifacetedacg Productions and CG&J Productions are bringing JJCC to visit Dallas, Austin, and Houston for three special events.

Also, if you’re interested in more info, you can keep up by following Multifacetedacg Productions (@macgproductions) and the Hallyu Rollers over at KPOP Skate Night (@Kpop Skate Night).

, the most exciting Backgammon action on the internet! On December 1 Enjoy the best backgammon action online on our recommended servers: Gammon Empire (also known Gammon Empire) and Play65 (also known Play 65). [I apologize if I missed anybody] Thanks for ALL corrections sent!

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