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To his credit, Glass Joe never gives up—he's lost more bouts than most have fought in, and yet he never surrenders.PAL: Glass Joe might not sound exactly like 'glass jaw', but you've got to admit, it takes guts to go into the ring with a name that tells everyone your weak point. Weird things aside, there's one thing you can say about Glass Joe: he's a man who doesn't give up, no matter how many times he loses.If Mac loses to him, he will laugh, joyfully proclaim that he won, and show his victoriousness to the audience.Attacks: Infinite: From the start, do a left hook on his taunt to get a star, and immediately use it to knock his headgear into the air.He is still extremely weak and almost never punches or blocks.When he executes his Taunt Punch, it is very weak and if he is punched before executing it, he'll be knocked down no matter how much health he has left.Glass Joe first appeared as the first opponent in the arcade classic Punch-Out!! He made his next appearance on the Nintendo Entertainment System game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

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The doctor then gives him protective headgear (which is allowed after suffering 100 losses), which allows him to block all damage to his head.

Nicknamed "France's Glass Jaw", Glass Joe is by far the easiest opponent in all the games.

He has lost 99 times and has won once, in a freak accidental win against Nick Bruiser, states the Official Nintendo Magazine Punch-Out!! The intro theme for him in all games is La Marseillaise, the national anthem of France.

He's incredibly easy and is essentially a practice opponent.

He'll attack very little and will almost never dodge the player's punches.

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