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Contrary to popular belief, because the PR machine at Reprise and other writers didn't know my father's true background, he was not a Realtor and did not sell homes to Dean Martin and Lucille Ball as has been previously written; nor did DD&B meet on a Little League baseball diamond.

We all went to the same grammar school at Beverly Hills Catholic.

We're all familiar with Dino & Desi's parents, but please tell us a little about the Hinsche family.

Billy: The Hinsche family is originally from Germany, the Black Forrest region specifically.

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Brad: I love the origin story of Dino, Desi, & Billy getting signed.You guys were just fourteen and got signed by Frank Sinatra for his Reprise label?Billy: We originally started rehearsing at Lucille Ball's house, but we quickly outgrew the small stage area in one of the guest houses and moved our permanent headquarters to Dean Martin's house, where there was a similar area we could rehearse in the den which was also the pool table room and projection room.Were expectations (and pressures) abnormally high, with an assumption that you kids were coming from a sort of privileged background?Billy: As a fourteen-year-old, it was just so much fun, so exciting and so much more than we could have dreamed possible.

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