Expiration dating of repackaged medications first valentines day dating

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(iii) A drug which varies from the strength and purity indicated on the label of the commercial container. (2) Drugs which have been removed from active stock in accordance with this subsection may not be sold or given away.

(ii) A drug which does not meet legal standards of strength and purity. (vi) A drug which is unfit, misbranded or adulterated under Federal or State statutes.

(3) A pharmacy desiring to or required to dispose of a controlled substance shall contact the nearest DEA office for authority and instructions to dispose of the substance.

The drugs shall be returned to the wholesaler or manufacturer for disposal or disposed of by the pharmacy according to Federal or State statutes or regulations.

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The provisions of this § 27.12 amended September 4, 1998, effective September 5, 1998, 28 Pa. 4532; amended December 24, 2009, effective December 26, 2009, 39 Pa. (a) A pharmacy shall maintain a supply of drugs and devices adequate to meet the needs of the health professions and the patients it is intended to serve.

The protocol shall specify each duty which the pharmacy technician may perform.

(4) The pharmacist manager shall create and maintain a written protocol for each pharmacy technician employed in the pharmacy.

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