Groupwise error d107 updating index

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This phase takes care of moving the contents of the user’s mailbox.The following example analyzes a move of a small mailbox. User A was moved from post office “Source PO” to post office “Dest PO.” Both of these post offices exist in the “dom1” domain.That way, other users will not fail in sending mails to the user, even if their addressbooks isn’t updated yet.This is done from within Console One menu Tools/Group Wise System Operations/System Preferences. 2.3 Live move Live move means, that after the move has been issued from Console One, the transfer of the items will go directly from POA to POA.3.4 Archive If possible, the user should archive as much as possible.This can be dearchived after the move has been completed.3.5 User Database cleanup The Users database should now be checked for any problems and inconsistency.

This will clean up potentially bad data, especially in the user records and their client options records. If so, the resource must be reassigned to another user, since a user can’t own a resource that belongs to another post office. 3.3 User Reduce amount of items Tell the user to delete items that they don’t need anymore from their mailbox, and remind them to also check the sent items folder.This is done by doing the following: From within Console One, right-click on the target domain, and select connect. Analyzing Moves in Progress User moves take place in two phases. This phase takes care of moving the user’s mailbox and ensures that all domains and post offices in the system are aware of the user’s new location.The second phase of the move is called the mailbox move or the item move.The following error in the GWCheck log is of particular importance when moving users: If any problem 82s are present, you must correct them with the ATTCLIP option in GWCheck.Any item with a Problem 82 will cause at least one user’s move to get stuck. Notice in above check, that the messagedatabase is not checked. Above job has to be run again and again, until no more duplicate folders are reported.

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