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In this species, gametes are produced on different plants on umbrella-shaped gametophores with different morphologies.The radiating arms of female gameteophores (left) protect archegonia that produce eggs.In the bryophytes (liverworts, mosses and hornworts), the sexual gametophyte is the dominant generation.In ferns and seed plants (including cycads, conifers, flowering plants, etc.) the sporophyte is the dominant generation.

Dioicous gametophytes of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.The alternate generation, the gametophyte, produces gametes, eggs and/or sperm.A gametophyte can be monoicous (bisexual), producing both eggs and sperm or dioicous (unisexual), either female (producing eggs) or male (producing sperm).Flowers vary enormously in their construction (morphology).A "complete" flower, like that of Ranunculus glaberrimus shown in the figure, has a calyx of outer sepals and a corolla of inner petals. Next inwards there are numerous stamens, which produce pollen grains, each containing a microscopic male gametophyte.

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