Intimidating shout bandage macro

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MISC This will display the amount of defense rating you need to be capped, or how much over the cap you are.

(works for paladins, but not for druids and Death Knights.) Raids: /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME: Add Message(121.278*(5.6-(Get Dodge Block Parry Chance From Defense())),1,0.5,0) Heroic Bosses: /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME: Add Message(121.278*(5.4-(Get Dodge Block Parry Chance From Defense())),1,0.5,0) Thanks for the post, I really like the Charge/hamstring macro I was using a seperate macro which was battle stance equip 2 hander hamstring startattack.

This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.

New on these forums but I thought I'd just throw the macros I use out there, never know some one might find them useful. You will need at least a basic understanding of warriors spells and abilities to make much sense of this post. If you're in battle or zerker stance it will also equip you're 2 hander and cast Bloodfury if you're an orc.

The idea that words can grant power is a cross cultural phenomenon that shows up frequently in the earliest tales of swords and sorcery.

Members of the Sinitic ethnolinguistic family in particular tend to ascribe special importance to the power of written characters, and the belief that special words can invoke control over supernatural power permeates their folklore (just ask your local Shinto, Buddhist, or Taoist practitioner if they've donated to a shrine or temple to have a talisman written lately).

In addition, has the potential to startle the opponent and give you an opening.

Two well-known examples are Kenshiro spelling out the spectacular death he just dealt to his foe and Son Goku's signature "KA... "Wild magic stone brings down antimagic shell," the Red Wizard said calmly, for all the world as if he were describing a move in a chess game.

It will cast Berserker stance, Intercept, Defensive stance when in combat on an enemy (3 clicks) and it will do Intercept on a friendly target.

Stance Down: Change to whichever type of Bandage you are using right now.

Please feel free to contribute any macros you might have, but please make sure they work before posting them. (remove the /cast Blood fury) if you're not can orc. #show [mod:shift]Hamstring;[mod:ctrl]Heroic Strike;[mod:alt]Cleave; Mortal Strike /startattack /equip [form:1/3]Shadow's Edge /cast Blood Fury /cast [mod:shift]Hamstring;[mod:ctrl]Heroic Strike;[mod:alt]Cleave; Mortal Strike #show [mod:ctrl]Execute;[mod:shift]Rend;[form:1/3]Overpower;[form:2]Revenge /startattack /cast [mod:ctrl]Execute;[mod:shift,form:1/2]Rend;[mod:alt]Sweeping Strikes;[form:1]Overpower;[form:2]Revenge;[form:3]Battle Stance;[mod:shift,form:3]Battle Stance #show /cast [mod:ctrl]Heroic Throw;[mod:shift,form:1,worn: Two-Hand]Berserker Stance;[mod:shift,form:3,worn: Two-Hand]Pummel;[mod:shift,form:1,worn: Shields]Shield Bash;[mod:alt,form:1]Shattering Throw;[mod:alt,form:3]Battle Stance; Victory Rush Fury Spell reflect.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ARMS MACROS Cast battle stance and equips your 2 hander.( Props to jerry) Casts different skills depending on modifier key pressed. Note this macro wont change you into battle or defensive stance from berserker stance, which means you have to do that manually, I prefer this because it saves me having to make another macro for when I just want to equip a shield.

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