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But try wrapping your head around the concept of a group cyber suicide pact involving people who are strangers to each other.

It's become something of a craze in Japan, where the act of ritual suicide, including that of wartime Kamikaze attacks, has always had a cultural significance.

The Saitama police said they believed the seven died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and ordered autopsies.

In a separate incident, two women were found dead in a car parked outside an isolated temple in Yokosuka, about 60 miles to the southeast, a Kanagawa prefecture police spokesman said.

Police said it was not immediately known whether the two cases were related.

They were still trying to determine the identities of the men and women.

ANDREW HARDING: Amaterasu is a thoughtful, painfully shy 24-year-old who's twice tried to kill himself.

The suicides were organised by two women who met over the Internet and tried but failed in a previous attempt to kill themselves together.

TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- Police found seven young people dead in a deserted van outside Tokyo in what was believed to be Japan's biggest-ever group suicide, while also finding two women dead in an apparent suicide pact in a car at a temple.

The cases -- involving young people in their teens and 20s -- raised alarm over suicide agreements, many of which are made by people who meet over the Internet.

Investigators found four charcoal stoves in the car that they believe the group used to poison themselves.

No external wounds or signs of a struggle were found.

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