Java chat rooms

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• Cosmetic color change is implemented on-hover, on-active on the chat window, its borders and buttons.

• System allows tracking the user who is currently present in the chat room.

Your server then decides whether or not the calling user is permitted access and to which privilege level that user is assigned.

A detailed example can be found in your Settings Panel. Use it to create custom emoticons, insert images, replace profane words, or use HTML markup to insert context-based ads or related links.

The system allows the user to connect from different location in a common chat-room where they can broadcast text messages and share drawing with other registered users.

Features: • Apart from sharing content, the server broadcast entry and exist of the user.

Take it to the next level with SSAX Single Site Authentication.

• Messages from client are pre-pend with their name.Step 1: Create a server that idles until someone connects to it, then prints out a message and closes.Create a client that connects to a server and gets a message and closes. ---------- This first step serves two purposes: 1) We see the basic idea. I recommend changing "localhost" to "" then to your intranet IP address then to your IP address if you wish to open this up to outside access.Yes, the Settings Panel provides hundreds of easy to configure features allowing you to get up and running with Addon Chat in a matter of minutes, but two very special features set us apart from the competition allowing you to take your extreme customization to the next level: The Content Replacement Engine is a powerful, easy to use system allowing you to replace message fragments (words, phrases, etc.) entered in your chat and I. Addon Chat stores the past 3 weeks of transcripts on our servers for you to download at your leisure.You may also opt to have them e-mailed to you daily.

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