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She was wearing a pink and white check dress and I was wearing a blue coat,' although she conceded that seven decades later 'we always argue over what we were wearing'.

Looking back, Sonia recalled the princess as 'a thoughtful and sensitive child, and naturally well-behaved.

Not only was she a neighbour of the Yorks but her father, Dr Harold Graham-Hodgson, was also one of the country's leading authorities on the diagnostic use of X-rays.

Graham-Hodgson was called in to corroborate the diagnosis.

Royal Childhood is part of a visit to the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, 26 July-28 September, 2014. The accompanying book, Royal Childhood: A Souvenir Album, is published by the Royal Collection Trust, £9.95 (£12.95 in bookshops).

Essay on narrative voice in pride essay on biomagnification.

While Sonia wasn't from the highest echelons of society, she was certainly from a comfortable background.

He brought his cumbersome equipment to Buckingham Palace on a lorry, fed the cables through a window and took his X-ray plates in as the king lay in bed.

It was the first time X-rays had been taken of a patient outside a main hospital, and after his recovery the grateful monarch made the specialist a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, which was later upgraded to a knighthood by Elizabeth's father.

In October 1940, at the height of the Blitz, 145 Piccadilly - which was unoccupied at the time - suffered a direct hit, destroying most of the house's back and interior.

The elegant façade remained intact until the 1960s when it was pulled down to make way for a road-widening project around Hyde Park Corner and the construction of the Intercontinental Hotel between 19.'He was very good-looking and I could tell the Queen was very fond of him,' Sonia remembered.

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