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I, for one, would not be able to emotionally define water, or poetry, or love. For me, love is the most beautiful part of being human.Significance of Valentine’s Day Even if the Hallmark Conspiracy Theory is true, I believe in embracing every opportunity to express love – not just to my boyfriend, but to my friends and family as well.For me, demonstrating my love physically is just as important as talking.Pros and cons of being in a long-term relationship It’s pros all the way for me, my friend. Live-ins as a gradual next step to a long-term relationship Making a commitment to the one you love is very important – private or public.

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The other element in my ‘formula’ is hugging and kissing- a lot!

The secret is to grow with your partner and truly enjoy everything he has to offer even though it may not be fantastic.

— Nasrin Modak Shahana Goswami On dating an older man When I met him We met through common friends at a friend’s home.

You’ll never find me spouting clichés like, ‘We’re just good friends,’ or ‘I’m single and ready to mingle.’ Why would I wish to deny or hide that, as if it’s something shameful?

But it’s a fine balance – I don’t believe in making every detail public either.

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