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I had thought that a measly couple of miles over the speed limit, made no difference to driving safety. But at 35mph there's a 50 per cent chance they'll die.

In fact, it's the difference between life and death. That rises to a horrifying 90 per cent at 40mph impact.

Pam, Bob and husband and wife Frank and Lillian Calvert all live in the Suffolk village of Bentley and are part of a seven-strong team who volunteer twice a week to observe motorists driving, and sometimes speeding, through their high street.

Martin had once asked a student, "What signs might you see in a rural area? Simply, you talk, aloud, about what you see as you drive.But there’s only so much we can do, we’ve only got so many volunteers,” added Pam, a retired policewoman.All four volunteers are retired and in their seventies and admit that each session is a good opportunity to catch up on “village gossip”. Lillian said: “We had a death outside our house when the speed limit was 60mph."There's a man wearing very unwise shorts, that car needs cleaning; what a bloody untidy garden; golden labrador…two fat ladies…"But, for me, the greatest revelation came in the form of survival statistics, which were illustrated by short films.

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