Who is holly hunter dating

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That came on top of a number of terrorist atrocities, most of which had happened when I was on duty.

I got to the end of that bulletin and thought, “God, do I really want to do this again?

Nobody is told how much their items are worth until the cameras are rolling.‘There’s a secret code because we don’t always want to be too public about what something is worth.

A zed is £10,000, two zeds are £50,000, and three zeds are £100,000.

‘I love this one.’Bruce presides over the show as experts find treasures among the thousands of objects people bring in, but is she ever tempted to take things home on the sly? How could you not think, “Ooh, I’d like to have that.”’She’s one of the BBC’s biggest-earning stars – whose salary has just been revealed as between £350,000 and £399,000 – so can’t Bruce just afford to buy whatever she likes from the Roadshow visitors?

‘It’s strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons.’Dealers are not allowed to bid for what they find, and neither is she. ” I said, “Well, I do want it – but I can’t buy it from you.” We’re valuing things.

Angela Rippon and Arthur Negus were also hosts before Hugh Scully took over for nearly 20 years.

Michael Aspel was next, but the show was tired and there was a major revamp when Bruce started presenting in 2008. I think that would put you off your porridge in the morning.”Even the Prime Minister has seen how formidable Bruce can be.

There’s a ring with a diamond and another with a ruby, but the sparkly green jewel she’s wearing has got her full attention.

Among them was a forgotten drawing by the master, worth up to £80,000.‘We love it when someone comes along and they’ve got something worth a serious amount of money. ‘You need to find a balance between being a human being and not letting your emotions overpower the story or the viewer’s response.

Particularly if they had no idea at all.’Often, people will insist their newly discovered treasure is not for sale. ‘My favourite was a woman who brought along a tiny little pill box. You are presenting it in the most straightforward, politically neutral way you can.

Will Farmer, a ceramics specialist who’s one of my best mates on the programme, said: “You bought it for a quid… You mustn’t let yourself be the story.’Has it ever got too much for her?

‘There was only one time, when that lorry in Nice ploughed into the crowds [in July 2016].

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